Footbridge projects in less than a week

For 30 years, Anta has been planning and constructing high technical and aesthetical value bridges and footbridges which are well integrated into the environment. 

Anta Ingeniería

Prototype parametrization to save project time

Thanks to parametrisation and systematisation, you will be able to get a project, reports and advises with no cost overrun or digression, yet the certainty of obtaining high quality and aesthetic standards.

Landscape, Simplicity and Structural Shape

The design of our prototypes is based on three basic principles: integration in the landscape, continuous search for simplicity, and use of unique shapes that emanate from structural behavior

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3 Prototypes

Select the most suitable prototype for the site.

There is a single-span prototype for each terrain morphology.

Adaptive geometries

Spans from 12 meters up to 66 meters.

Net widths from 1.75 meters up to 4.5 meters.

Terrain morphology on a slope or a vertical wall on both riverbanks.

Different landing height on each bank.

3 definition levels

Documentation adapted to each design phase.

Basic sketch, conceptual design and preliminary design.

Delivery terms less than one week.

"It is necessary to understand the resistant phenomenon to create a structural shape that synthesizes all the functional needs with the minimum number of resources.”

  Mario Guisasola


Carbon footprint reduction

Heuristic optimization allows to reduce the carbon footprint of Von Mises bridges. Optimization is inspired by artificial intelligence strategies. The weight of the steel of the footbridges and the CO2 emissions associated with their construction are the objective functions of the heuristic optimization that has made it possible to reduce the carbon footprint of the prototypes.