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Von Mises footbridge

Recommended for sites with vertical walls on both sides.

von mises
Width: 1.75 to 4.5 meters Span: 12 to 48 meters

The silhouette of the Von Mises footbridge is based on the Von Mises comparison stress criterion graph of a constant inertia simply supported beam, loaded by a uniformly distributed linear load.

The sinuous shape of the stress diagram inspires the definition of the footbridge silhouette.

Monocontentio footbridge

Recommended for asymmetric sites (a slope on one bank and a vertical wall on the opposite one)

Width: 1.75 to 4.5 meters Span: 22 to 66 meters

The Monocontentio footbridge’s structural system corresponds to a beam fixed at one end and supported at the other.

The elevation of the footbridge reflects the bending moment diagram of the deck.

A shape expressing the structural behavior of the bridge is therefore obtained and its elevation always adapts to the maximum bending stress in each section of the bridge.

Bicontentio footbridge

Recommended for sites with a slope on both sides

Width: 1.75 to 4.5 meters Span: 20 to 66 meters

The structural system of the Bicontentio footbridge corresponds to a beam with both ends fixed.

Embeddings are achieved by means of two ancillary, short end spans. The bridge elevation is directly generated by the bending stress diagram created in this structure by a uniformly distributed load.

The efficient silhouette of the Bicontentio footbridge consistently adapts to the maximum load forces that it must withstand, yielding a moderate dynamism.